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Fender Flares and Protection

Your focus should be on the trail and enjoying your adventure in the moment. You shouldn’t have to worry about dodging debris, going around sand, mud, and water, and maneuvering your side-by-side around to avoid rocks and other projectiles from getting kicked up by your tires. This is where having Can-Am Commander fender flares, Can-am Commander mud guards, and other exterior UTV protection comes in to play. Your Can-Am Commander is made for the mud, and it likes to get dirty just as much as you do. But there are many instances when some splatter here or there turns into a full-blown mud bath. And when your camping or headed out for long hours at the deer lease, it is preferable to remain clean and dry for the most part. What makes a major difference is not only fenders and fender flares, but also Can-Am Commander Fender Extensions.


  • Can-Am Commander XT Fenders Extensions by MudBusters

    Can-Am Commander XT Fenders Extensions by MudBusters

    $189.00 - $220.00

    Can-Am Commander/Commander Max XT Fenders Extensions by MudBusters MudBusters fender extensions for the Can-Am Commander were designed for maximum mud protection for Commanders with factory XT fenders. Our fender extensions were designed to install...

  • Can-Am Hardware Kits Fenders by MudBusters

    Can-Am Hardware Kits Fenders by MudBusters


    Can Am Hardware Kits Fenders by MudBusters Important: Please send us a note during checkout with your vehicle make and model or provide your order number so we can send you the correct hardware.

  • Can-Am Commander Fenders Flares by MudBusters

    Can-Am Commander Fenders Flares by MudBusters

    $120.00 - $215.00

    Can-Am Commander Fenders Flares by MudBusters MudBusters fender flares for the Can-Am Commander were designed for maximum mud protection for Commanders without factory fenders. Our front fender design installs using mostly factory mounting mounts...

At Everything Can-Am Offroad, you will find every kind of exterior protection accessory that you could ever want or need for your Can-Am Commander. Included in our collection of Can-Am accessories are fender flares, fender protectors, underbid mud shields with fender enclosures, and fender extensions as well as side runners and mud flaps. All of these options go above and beyond to ensure that you do not have to reflexively dodge the random sticks and stones that come flying up as you enjoy your ride or Can-Am Accessories on your race.

Some of the top-tier UTV brands that you will find here include MudBustersTrail ArmorBad DawgDragonFire and SuperATV, who all have a solid background in the UTV industry and are known for providing the highest quality UTV aftermarket accessories. When it comes to fender flares, for example, Trail Armor is known for using HDPE plastic, which is an exceptionally strong material that is also very flexible. And unlike other plastic components, these Can-Am Commander fender extensions and fenders can handle all weather conditions, from scorching heat to sub-zero blizzards. We offer both Can-am Commander front fender flares as well as ones for the rear, all of which are very easy to install and require no modifications to your existing stock fenders or OEM cowling.

Making modifications or choosing upgrades for your Can-Am Commander can be a bit daunting if you are new to the UTV game. However, the aftermarket side-by-side accessories offered at Everything Can-Am Offroad are all top of the line. We take time to ensure that the parts you choose line up perfectly not only with your machine, but with your budget and riding style as well. If you run wheel spacers or have installed any modification to create a wider stance, a traditional OEM fender probably won’t cut it. What you really need to block all of that spatter is some Can-Am Commander extended fenders. Let our Can-am Commander fenders exceed your expectations and upgrade your ride today. Stay clean, stay safe, and stay dry with fender flares and other Can-am Protector and external protection accessories from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Let’s take MudBusters’ Max XT Fender Extensions, for example, they are gonna get down and dirty so you do not have too. They are made out of some of toughest materials so that they can handle the battering that comes with the trail or the racecourse. Installation may require a little time as you have to drill some holes but it is well worth it and will go a long way in the quality of life that you experience on the trail. Next, let’s look at TurnKey UTV’s BAJA Series Nerf Bars. These are the additional protection your Can-Am Commander has been craving for. This super tough set of bars also includes non skid step plates that make getting in and out of your UTV even easier. When we say super tough, these nerf bars are made out of heavy gauge steel tubing. It had to be engineered using a material that could stand guard over the guard that guards you the rider. These two examples of added protection and strength are also great examples of what UTV aftermarket parts bring to your Side by Side when it comes to high quality add-ons that you can trust and that you can rely on for years. These add-on are available for both the Can-Am Commander and the Can-Am Commander MAX.

Some riders prefer muddy trails as opposed to well-paved paths and they will tell you that fender flares are a godsend where protection is concerned. The added barrier against mud and water spray can be the difference between emerging completely soaked after a short ride or coming out as clean as you went in. You can also get other types of protection like heat shields that help decrease the temperature of your lower cargo box by forming a barrier from the exhaust. You can get Fender Flares and Extensions for your 2020 Can-Am Commander or Baja Series Nerf Bars that provide additional protection to the body of your 2020 Can-Am Commander MAX. The days of avoiding mud at all costs are over. You can now take on muddy trails with your riding buddies, assured that the interior of your UTV can withstand the mess. Get fender flares and protection for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.


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