For those situations when a Can-am Defender Rear view mirror or roll cage mounted mirror simply won’t work — like during rifle season when you can’t see out the back window due to your dual gun boots — backing up in the woods can become slightly hazardous. Rear view mirrors are also not so effective at night, when all you can see is the reflection out the front window. In cases such as these, many riders get tremendous out of a backup camera. The Brandmotion SUTV backup cameras with IR night vision is a good one, and so is the one by Sony or Pioneer. You can mount the screen where the rear view mirror goes, utilizing their sticky back mount and the mirror screw holes to hold the display firmly. Many can also function as a radio, with satellite radio and bluetooth capabilities all built-in. You can mount the rear camera by the bumper for a lower view, or by the roof for a higher view. But whatever you choose, be it a simple UTV mirror, Can-am Defender side view mirrors, or the classic roll cage / windshield mounted rear view mirror, we’ve got all the best Can-am Defender mirrors to let you look back in style.

Choose a set of side mirrors or the perfect rearview mirror for your Can-Am Defender and enjoy the time on the trail with the added security of being able to see everything that is happening all around you efficiently. As odd as it may seem since y’all can am Defender and Can-Am Defender Max do not come with side mirrors or a rearview mirror you may want to look into getting a set for your  UTV. As UTV aftermarket mirrors go,  you will find a better variety of Mehrunes nowhere else. The mirrors that we carry are made by some of the best brands that you can find in today’s market. These brands understand what it means to spend life off road so naturally, the components that they create able to survive offroad. Choose a pair of side mirrors or a rear view mirror for your UTV from any of these brands and you will have chosen and invested in an after-market set of mirrors that will both add a stylish finish to your machine and add a layer of security that will come in handy while you are on the trail or racing across your next course in your machine.

Tackle any trail with ease with mirrors that provide clarity and elevate your visibility. A good mirror is like a third eye that allows you to see what isn’t directly in front of you. It helps you to keep your focus on the road as it eliminates the need for unsafely turning around while you drive. With the right placement of side view, rear view, cage mounted and hood mirrors, you can get a full 360-degree field of vision. All of the mirrors you need are available at Everything Can-Am Offroad. You can get Pair Cast Aluminum Pursuit Night Vision Series Side View Mirrors for your 2020 Can-Am Defender or Rear View Mirrors for UTVs with Pro-Fit Cages for your 2020 Can-Am Defender MAX. Add function, color, and style to your rig with all-weather mirrors that are easy to install. Get mirrors for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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