A UTV roll cage can be as simple as a straightforward roll cage or may be part of a package which can include a soft top, backseat, or more. All depends on which cage option you choose. Finishes also vary, so depending on what look you are going for, that will also be a factor in your UTV roll cage options. Whatever you decide on, we are certain you will be impressed with our comprehensive selection of UTV roll cages from trusted brands like CageWax, UTV Inc, UTV Mountain and more for your Can-Am Maverick, Can-Am Maverick MAX, Can-Am Maverick Trail, Can-Am Maverick Sport, Can-Am Maverick X3 or Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX.

Whether you are choosing a front roll cage, a rear roll cage or both and whether you want that rear roll cage to include seats or not, you will find that we have a wide variety of options here, one of which must line up with what you envisaged when you told yourself that it was time to add a roll cage to your Can-Am Maverick. As UTV aftermarket safety implements go, a roll cage is a great option especially if the terrain that you take your machine across is rocky, a hillside features major drops, or is a dune. Aside from safety, adding a roll cage, gives you more surfaces for you to add things such as racks, mounts and to mount things such as light and soundbars. The brands that we carry are UTV Mountain, SDR, CageWrx, UTV Inc, RT Pro, and TMW Offroad. All of these brands are dedicated to offroad life so they provide the best because they are passionate about what they create. Choose one of these roll cages and maybe one of those with additional seats and take some extra friends with you on your next adventure while also ensuring their safety in the same breath.

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