There’s enjoying the terrain you are exploring and then there’s daring to challenge you and your machine to some of the most intense terrain. When it comes to clearance to make this possible, you’re talking about needing radius rods for your Side by Side that do not just give your machine an extra badass look, but that gives you more strength than your factory radius rods. The ones we carry are among the best. They are made by the top brands and have been tried, tested and have proven their worth. There is not a downside to upgrading your radius rods. Take on trails that you have only looked at wistfully in your 2020 Can-Am Commander. Ride fearlessly across the course in your 2020 Can-Am Commander MAX. This is what you gain when you choose to upgrade your radius rods; an upgraded off-road experience. Step up your game today and enjoy the trail on a whole new level.

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