If communication is the key to any friendship, be it adversarial or not, how can you not have the best audio and communication system installed on your Can-Am Commander? Makes you stop and think, doesn’t it? Well, we are happy to let you know there is hope! Here at Everything Can-Am Off-Road we carry the best when it comes to staying in touch with your friends, or the wifey, or even talking shit to your competition!

A full communication and audio system kit by Rugged Radios would definitely be the best of the best when it comes to Can-Am Commander aftermarket accessories. They come with headsets or in helmet speakers, radios, walkie talkies, intercoms, antenna and mount, audio filters, cables and more. They are fully compatible with your Can-Am Commander and they can handle single person or multiple person communications. So, you can have a private conversation or get into it with your buddies as you guys race across the course.

Maybe you are looking for a better music listening experience. Rugged Radios speakers are great for getting crystal clear sound with perfect clarity. Their systems are extremely user friendly and they are Bluetooth enabled with easy to use controls, so you can switch songs, pause and play without having to dig out your phone. You can also make and receive calls easily with the push of a button and then resume the playback of your tunes! Kind of makes you wonder why you didn’t have this before. But no worries! Check out our great selection of Rugged Radio UTV aftermarket accessories for your Can-Am Commander today!

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