Everybody can own Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander MAX, but not everybody can dress it up the way you can! We strive to offer you the best upgrades to make your UTV look its best every time you go riding. These UTV whip lights are durable and weather resistant. You can enjoy them for ride after ride, regardless of the weather conditions.

The absolute necessity for your Can-Am Commander to be dune worthy is a set of whip lights and flags. It may seem like a small thing that prevents you from exploring the dunes but it is a safety measure as much as it is a really cool looking add-on. One of the whip lights that we offer is the Bluetooth Infinity Camp Locator by Pyramid Whips. This particular light has a Bluetooth function that allows you to control it from your smartphone so that you can adjust the colors and the way that they flash. There are 200 Motion functions and infinite solid colors. Then there are the Buggy Whips by TMW Offroad and the roll bar clamps from Pyramid Whips so that mounting your whip lights is a breeze. Whip lights and flags help fellow riders to be able to see you on the other side of the dune so that they don’t come flying over the peak only to land on your Can-Am Commander resulting in a horrific accident. These options are UTV aftermarket accessories that you can rely on for your machine. They are outstanding and are brought to you by highly respected brands. Choose a set for your Can-Am Commander or your Can-Am Commander MAX.

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