Riders seeking extra power often go with a dual battery setup. The OEM second battery kit is popular, and has gotten rave reviews from riders we’ve spoken to. It comes with a battery isolator switch, so even if one battery dies, you’ll be saved by the other one. But even if you only run one battery in your side-by-side, Can-am Defender chargers are available for those situations when your battery dies and you’re out of options. Whether you need a Can-am Defender battery isolator, a Can-am Defender dual battery kit, or just a simple Can-am Defender replacement battery, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got the batteries and battery components to keep you charged and running right.

Now that you are clear on the battery that is best for your ride then you should also be looking at the voltage checkers, jumper cables and battery chargers that you can have with you on the go or in your garage. When it comes to ensuring that your UTV is ready for your next trip these are instrumental parts of that preparation, not to mention, if your Can-Am Defender has been parked up for a while you should probably check the battery before you take it out for a run. The voltage checkers that we carry are awesome and are made by the brand that leads this category, Optimate. There are quite a few options here that are made by optimate including battery chargers. These battery chargers have the capacity to charge from one to 8 batteries at a time, so it really depends on what you and your Side by Side need. As UTV aftermarket parts providers go, Optimate is one of the best and so are Moose, and TMW Offroad. These brands are trusted names and deliver on the quality that sets them apart. Choose from any of the options here and know that you have invested in a UTV accessory that will serve you and your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX beyond your expectations.

Those long, marathon trips require a lot from your machine and as such, you don’t want to be caught slipping. Every rider wants the assurance that their UTV will start whenever they power it up. and lets not even talk about stalls and shut-downs. How embarrassing? Well, there’s a solution for that. Whether you need to recharge, jump-start or completely replace your old battery with a new one, you can find the battery components you need at Everything Can-Am Offroad. We supply heavy-duty batteries for your 2020 Can-Am Defender and your 2020 Can-Am Defender MAX. We also supply other battery-related accessories like chargers. We’ve all had that experience where you leave your lights on during the night and when you wake up in the morning, your battery is dead. That is now an issue of the past as you can simply recharge it and hit the road in no time. Other accessories like mounts and boxes are also available to keep your battery safe. Get batteries, chargers, and accessories for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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