Communication while out with your fellow riders on the trail is important and rather than reaching for your smartphone to call everytime you need to be in contact with the team, why not use radios instead. These durable and long life radios are just what you need to thoroughly enjoy your time on the trail in your UTV while staying in the loop. This is really handy if you find yourself in the position of needing a hand because you have gotten your Can-Am Defender stuck in a particularly nasty rut. These radios are made by Rugged Radios, a UTV aftermarket supplier that you can trust and believe understands the need for communication while out on the trail. This understanding means that the range on these radios is quite long and the battery life is also. Choose whether you want a pair or a full set for you and the team, which would come in handy whether you use your UTV on a worksite or for recreation. These are the radios that you and your machine need. Choose from the options here and you will be happy that you decided on them after your first adventure with these radios as part of your journey. They are the accessories that up to now you did not think to add to your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX, that you will wonder how you lived without before.

Time to up your game and overall riding experience with a UTV Communications Aftermarket Accessory from Everything Can-Am Commander. Your Can-Am Defender is badass, but what it is lacking is the ability to allow you to communicate with friends and family while riding or listening to your tunes uninhibited by road and engine noises.

We are happy to offer the top aftermarket solutions for your UTV from brands we trust that have taken the industry by storm, like Rugged Radios. When it comes to being innovative, tough, durable, and totally badass, it doesn’t get better than them – and they make everything you could possibly need to enhance your experience.

Cable plugs, external antennas, helmet kits, headsets, mounts, walkie talkies, intercom systems, and so much more, is what you will find here. Whether you want to just talk to a friend on a private line, or you want the party line experience with everyone – you are able to connect to anyone you want. You don’t have to shout and bend that ear trying to hear what is being said anymore.

Not to mention the amazing sounds of your music. You won’t need to crank that dial up and still be unable to hear it. You can hear every chord, every riff, every beat with amazing clarity through your headset or your in-helmet speakers. You won’t have to miss another beat of your favorite song ever again. Definitely sparks your interest-doesn’t it? Check out our amazing lineup of Rugged Radios and more here!

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