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Looking for the best setup to mount a phone, tablet, GPS, or radio in your Can-Am Defender? Want something sturdy, easy to install, or even detachable? Whatever device you’re trying to mount in your Can-Am Defender, we’ve got the mounting solutions to stick them wherever you desire. RAM cradles work great for tablets, GPS units, and phones, while ball mounts are also great as they allow you to rotate your device along three different axes simultaneously. Removable center dash mounts are great for portable devices that you may not need on every ride, and there’s no better way to monitor your Can-Am Defender programmer than a dash mount. Regardless of what type of tech you’re running in your side-by-side, our mounting solutions are sure to do the trick. Keep your phone mounted under the dash and out of the sun so it doesn’t roast on those hot summer day, and utilize an Xgrip mount for any rectangular device. From headset racks for your communication headphones to two-way radio brackets and hand-mic holders, if there’s a device that benefits UTV riders, we’ve got a mount for it here at Everything Can-Am Offroad.

We’ve got simple mounts that screw into the factory dimples on your dash so you can easily see and use your android with Navionics. We also have mounts for heavier devices like the 9″ Lowrance GPS unit. Mount your devices onto the grab bar so you can still see the trail, or even mount them to your clothing or helmet so you never loose track of them. Helmet mounts for action cameras are a great way to get that first-person footage, and PTT clips or belt mounts allow riders to place their push-to-talk buttons on their shoulder, waist, or anywhere else convenient. Regardless of the size, weight, or dimensions of your electronic devices, we’ve got the perfect mounting solutions to hold them tight inside the cab of your Can-Am Defender.

  • Can Am Offroad GoPro Camera Tubing Mount by AJK Offroad

    Can Am Offroad GoPro Camera Tubing Mount by AJK Offroad


    This GoPro tubing mount is American Made for extreme off road use. Mount can be fitted to any Jeep, truck, ATV, or side-by-side. This GoPro camera mount clamps to any tubing with an outside diameter of .875, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75 or 2.00 diameter or 1...

  • Can-Am Heavy Duty Bar Mounts By Rugged Radios BM-HD

    Can-Am Heavy Duty Bar Mounts By Rugged Radios


    Can-Am Heavy Duty Bar Mounts By Rugged Radios Heavy duty billet machined bar mounts make it easy to mount heavy units like intercoms and radios to 1.5", 1.75" and 1.8" tubing. Features: Half-Clamp Design Stainless Steel Hardware CNC machined...

  • Can-Am Block Off Plate for Intercom Mounts By Rugged Radios

    Can-Am Block Off Plate for Intercom Mounts By Rugged Radios


    Can AM Block Off Plate for Intercom Mounts By Rugged Radios This steel block off plate will allow you to cover the intercom mounting hole in an existing Rugged Radios Mount for a clean and streamlined look. Perfect for those who run a radio only and...

  • Can-Am Antenna Mount for Jeep JK / TJ by Rugged Radios

    Can-Am Antenna Mount for Jeep JK / TJ by Rugged Radios


    Can-Am Antenna Mount for Jeep JK / TJ by Rugged Radios Manufactured from powder coated steel, the specially designed antenna mount will hold your antenna firmly in place on the side of your Jeep JK or the windshield hinge of your Jeep TJ. Simply...

  • Can-Am Helmet/Comm Hanger by Assault Industries

    Can-Am Helmet/Comm Hanger by Assault Industries


    This Assault Industries Helmet/Comm hanger is a simple cage mountable solution that allows you to easily hang your Helmet or head gear when not in use. The clamp is made from aerospace grade 6061 T6 billet aluminum and hard anodized with a durable black...

And what about small parts, should you bring some of those along as well? Short answer, yes. A belt is good to have on the machine at all times, and having an axle in the bike or at the very least the truck is also good. It’s hard to know exactly where to draw the line with what to bring, but you definitely need to have room for a cooler full of beverages no matter what. And don’t forget to bring a clutch tool for changing the belt, electrical tape, crescent wrenches, and hose clamps.

Regarding at-home Can-am Defender tools, a grease gun is a must for greasing up wheel bearings. If you’re doing any work on the clutch, be it either the primary or secondary, you’re going to need a special CVT clutch tool if you want to do it right. This tool loosens the belt up by spreading the secondary sheaves, making it so that when you put it all back together, you can do so much easier and, more importantly, correctly. Your Can-Am Defender clutch isn’t something you want to cut corners on, especially since it is your main source to make a machine move. Of course there are ways around using specialized UTV tools, but for what they cost we would without a doubt just recommend buying the right tools to get the job done right the first time.

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