A lot of fabricators like to buy the Can-am Defender body / frame and drop in different components. We’ve seen defenders running a Dodge Cummins engine with Dana 60’s and 54’s. We’ve also seen 600hp small block engines thrown into a Can-am Defender body running “Duce and a half” wheels. It doesn’t matter if your making small adjustments or replacements to your Defender’s body or completely remaking the machine inside and out, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we carry all the best body parts and body accessories for the Can-Am Defender. Want for a fresher look for your Can-am Defender? Many side-by-side owners like to do small custom things like paint the headlight bulbs or re-cover the wheel wells. Others get a full-blown bumper-to-bumper wrap that covers the sides, bed, tailgate, and hood. If you get it properly done, a UTV body wrap shouldn’t scratch — which is what many riders are afraid of. But the operative words here are “properly done”. If you don’t prep and finish the machine as well as apply the wrap properly, it will peel off and be prone to scratch. But regardless of what you want for your Can-Am Defender body, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for!

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