If you do decide on a complete aftermarket front differential assembly, make sure to spec out and anticipate any possible dimensional changes. Some aftermarket front differentials sit the machine higher, therefore increasing the angle at which the axle operates. Others, however, are dimensionally the same as the stock differential, just much more dense and meaty in stress-prone areas. So if you’re front differential keeps cracking, fracturing, or outright breaking, upgrading it will defiantly help. Alternatively, you can also protect your differentials from water damage by snorkeling them. For the Defender XT, the front differential vent line is on the left side of the machine. Open up the hood on the front and get a flashlight, you should be able to see it. On the XMR the front differential vent line goes up the front driver side corner of the roll cage, and on the Lonestar it’s under the driver fender… way up in there. You can see the clear hose if you lift the hood and look into the hole on the right side. Whether you’re trying to protect your front differential or replace it, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got the components and complete front differentials for the Can-am Defender.

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