If you’re Can-am Defender steering seems off — steering harder in one direction than the other, making popping noises, or becoming difficult to control — you may have jumped a tooth. To fix this, start by turning the wheel all the way to one side. Then turn back the opposite way and count the total wheel revolutions. You then divide in half to get the rack centered and adjust the tie rods to straighten it out — also making sure to realign the front tires. You can also try to unbolt the steering arm from the rack — as in where the steering shaft meets the steering rack — center the rack up, then bolt the steering back to it. Additionally, you can also adjust the steering through the machine’s computer. We’ve seen Can-am Defenders that pulled to the left real bad get plugged into a laptop and become suddenly fixed. But whatever you need to fix, repair, or improve the steering on hour Can-am Defender, we’ve got what it takes right here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

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