Regardless of the type of skids you run — be the OEM, aftermarket, or homemade from an old road sign — you may find that they make washing your side-by-side’s underbelly a bit difficult. Some riders like to drill holes in their skid plates to allow for more water drainage, making it easier to shove a water hose up in the underbelly and flush it out. This could increase the risks of getting your skids ripped of should you get hung up in a hole, but for many Can-am Defender owners it is worth the risk. If you’re doing your own skid plate replacements or just want to take your skids off to wash underneath, you’ll find that they’re riveted in place. While you can drill them out with a step up drill bit or a 3/16” bit, you can also get them off using a hammer and chisel. Once they’re out you can put threaded rivets back in there or even stainless steel self tapping bolts. But whatever you do, never ride without the protection of skid plates. And if you’re looking for replacement skids, under guards, or stronger aftermarket Can-am Defender skid plates, look no further than Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Another option of skid plate that you can add to your Can-Am Defender is made out of UHMW. UHMW stands for Ultra High Molecular Weight plastic. this material is so tough that it is near impenetrable. Quite a few of the skid plates that we carry are made out of UHMW and because of this wear resistant plastic they are literally longer lasting than skid plates made out of carbon steel. Another positive of this UHMW is that unlike aluminum it has a memory so that instead of breaking on severe impact it will continue to protect your investment with maybe a slight dent. Choosing the right skid plate for your UTV means knowing your drive style, the terrain that you carry your UTV across and also the wherewithal of the components that make up your undercarriage. These UTV aftermarket skid plates will not let you down. They will stand guard over the underside of your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender Max while it focuses on protecting you during your next adventure. This is the way forward in not just protecting the underside of your UTV but in protecting your wallet as you will save money on repairs to the undercarriage of your UTV because you would have added protection it deserved.

Protecting the underside of your machine is a proven way to increase its longevity and maintain its good performance as time passes. Your undercarriage can take a beating every time you drive, especially if you prefer rocky, uneven trails that cause damaging projectiles to fly. A skid plate is a great way to add a protective layer of steel, aluminum or UHMW that will deflect these harmful materials and prevent the unnecessary wear and tear on your machine. High-quality skid plates are the way to go. You can find your perfect skid at Everything Can-Am Offroad. You can get an Ultimate Half Inch UHMW Armor Kit for your 2020 Can-Am Defender or an Aluminum Skid Plate and Guards Kit for your 2020 Can-Am Defender MAX. These plates are lightweight and available at a great price so there’s no excuse. Get skid plates for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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