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Spare Tire Mounts

  • Can Am Offroad Pin Hinge / Barrel Hinge by AJK Offroad

    Can Am Offroad Pin Hinge / Barrel Hinge by AJK Offroad


    AJK Offroad has CNC machined our pin hinge / barrel hinge from 1018 steel. Our hinge uses a hardened steel washer and measure 3.00″ tall and are .625″ Dia. These work great for SXS door hinges, spare tire carriers along with many other applications...

  • Can-Am Defender Power-Ride Utv Spare Tire Carrier by Great Day

    Can-Am Defender Power-Ride Utv Spare Tire Carrier by Great Day


    No more worries about getting stranded with a flat, because you will always have your spare with you when you add the Power-Ride UTV Spare Tire Carrier to your machine. A universal carrier that adjusts to fit your machine gives you the option of...

  • Can-Am Defender Spare Tire Bracket by Hornet Outdoors

    Can-Am Defender Spare Tire Bracket by Hornet Outdoors


    Spare Tire Bracket Features: Spare Tire mounting bracket fits all sizes of wheels and tires Also fits Defender Rack Made in the USA Spare Tire Bracket includes: Machined HDPE Hub 1/2" Carrier Bolt 1/2" 4 Prong Knob

  • Can-Am Defender Spare Tire Carrier

    Can-Am Defender Spare Tire Carrier by Hornet Outdoors


    Spare Tire Carrier Features: Mount secures tire inside bed of the Can Am Defender Installs easily to bed rails without tools Adjustable to accommodate stock or aftermarket tires Made in the U.S.A. Hardware & Instructions provided by Hornet Outdoors

  • Can-Am 2" Clamp On Spare Tire Mount By UTV Inc

    Can-Am 2" Clamp On Spare Tire Mount By UTV Inc


    Can-Am 2" Clamp On Spare Tire Mount By UTV Inc This UTV INC spare tire mount will clamp on to any 2" OD tube. Bolt pattern of 4/137 w/ 10mm x 1.25 studs. Powder coated texture black to match the OEM Commander or Maverick roll cage. Lug nuts not...

  • Can-Am Clamp On Bed Side Spare Tire Mount By UTV Inc

    Can-Am Clamp On Bed Side Spare Tire Mount By UTV Inc


    Can Am Clamp On Bed Side Spare Tire Mount By UTV Inc now has a easy clamp on spare tire mount .. it will ship powder coated black to match the oem cage. Clamp is a 2" ID. Will stand the tire up vertically to the side of the bed.. Will...

You can find almost every UTV aftermarket accessory that you can imagine at Everything Can-Am Offroad and you would definitely be surprised by the quality of parts that you have access to if this is your first time here. Everything Can-Am Offroad only carries the best UTV brands so that every part that you add to your CanAm Commander is guaranteed to deliver performance that will exceed anything that you have experienced before on your Side by Side. Up your comfort level for the next time that you hit the trail with a steering wheel with all the features that you want from either MI, DragonfireSuperATV or High Lifter.

The Dragonfire steering wheel is particularly appealing, coming with a quick release hub and the option for various different bolt on adaptors to fit your Commander. But when it comes to Can-am Commander steering wheels, alignment is key. If your steering column is misaligned, you’ll feel like you’re positioned to turn, even when you’re going straight. In addition to aligning your steering wheel, you must also center it. The process is a bit of a pain, requiring a lot of adjusting and test driving, but it must be done. If you’re Can-am Commander steering is still off after aligning and centering it, other issues could be at play. Bent steering rack mounts are often the culprit, and a skipped tooth in the steering assembly can also cause steering issues. Furthermore, although rather simple and seemingly unimportant, tire pressure also affects your steering abilities. So if you don’t really need a new aftermarket Can-am Commander steering wheel but are experiencing steering issues, these are good places to check first and foremost.

Getting the most out of your Can-Am Commander has never been as easy as it is right now. Steer your way along your next adventure with a steering wheel that will last for years to come. Be it a suede UTV steering wheel, a D-shaped Can-am Commander steering wheel, or even a steering wheel from another vehicle such as an automobile, Everything Can-Am Offroad is here to ensure that you have access to the best brands so that you can choose the best fit for your CanAm Commander with the least amount of headache.

Alright so you want to stick with your stock steering a bit longer, but, you can make riding a less taxing one by adding on a steering wheel puller by Badass Unlimited. This bad boy is definitely up to the job and you can be sure that in choosing it you will be distributing the force of pulling your steering wheel in the best way possible. Now, if you choose to upgrade your steering wheel, then the options are many and will definitely change the feel of the ride that you experience in your Can-Am Commander. This UTV Aftermarket add-on that you are contemplating is a major aesthetic boost to the cab of your UTV and you will feel a different kind of pride when you sit in your machine behind the steering wheel and see your choice of upgrade. We carry everything necessary for you to upgrade your steering wheel and we have taken the guesswork out of choosing a quality upgrade for your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander MAX by presenting you with options that are of the highest quality. Choose confidently and choose imagining how your new steering wheel is going to look installed in the cab of your machine.

A steering wheel is one of the simplest but most important parts of any vehicle as it allows the rider to exercise control and direct the vehicle where they want it to go. However, driving for hours can take its toll on one’s hands and arms. A quick and easy way to combat this issue is upgrading to custom steering wheels that provide the ultimate comfort and improve grip and handling. You can get a Quick-Release Steering Wheel Hub with Spline Kits for your 2020 Can-Am Commander or a D-Ring Black Leather Steering Wheel with Stitching that provides extra knee clearance for your 2020 Can-Am Commander MAX. These steering wheels also improve the look of your UTV with many colors, custom faceplates, and leather, suede or fiber options available. We even have Push Button Plates of varying sizes that can be added to your steering wheel. Get steering wheels and accessories for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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