If you decide to go a more home-made route like wiring in an old-school flasher and rocker switch with the center off, take care not to override the factory brake signal and flash. The taillights on the Can-am Defender are the top and bottom LEDs of the assembly. You can use the taillight to flash instead of the brake lights, or throw in a toggle switch to fix the brake light/turn signal issue. Most turn signal arms have a brake circuit through the switch so you can use one bulb as a brake/turn. Same idea as a toggle switch but a slightly different approach. And speaking of signal arms, some aftermarket turning signal arms come with a 3 pin LED flasher and built in indicators, while others have built-in horn switches. The Can-am defender is a two-wire system — taillight and brake light. So whatever you decide to go with for your blinker kit, you’re going to need a way to momentarily cut power to the appropriate brake light to allow it to flash while the other side still has the brake light on — be it a self-resetting device, and adapter, or a switch of some kind. The safest and easiest way to add turn signals to your rig is with a Can-am Defender turn signal kit. Either way, whatever you decide, we’ve got the blinker kits, wire harnesses, lever arms, and other turn signal accessories you need to get the job done!

Aside from coming in handy on the road,  having a turn signal kit or horn or both on your Can-Am Defender can really come in handy if you are leading the pack on the trail. Having a turn signal kit on your UTV allows you the convenience of letting other riders know your intentions. Both the turn signal kit and the horn that you add to your machine can mean the difference between a close call and a serious accident. Choosing to add a horn to your UTV also allows you to let riders on the blind side of a corner know that you are coming before you do. simple add-ons such as these go a long way in your life off road and in this case it translates to your life on the road.  the Caps that we carry are very easy to install and I mean very little downtime as well as we can imagine you will be eager to actually use them if they are the last steps in making your UTV on the road worthy. These UTV aftermarket turn signals kits and horn kits are exactly what your Can-Am Defender and your Can-Am Defender MAX need.

Turn signals and horns are a great way to improve the safety rating of your vehicle. They can allow you to indicate your intended direction and current position in a universally understood way, that you can now add to your UTV. They are also necessary and mandated by law in some states to make your vehicle street legal. Wouldn’t it be great if your riding buddies could keep up with you and you can offer them greetings or warnings from far distances? A turn signal and horn kit from Everything Can-Am Offroad is certainly the way to go. You can get a Plug and Play Self-Cancelling Turn Signal Kit with Horn for your 2020 Can-Am Defender or a Plug and Play Self-Cancelling Turn Signal (that uses factory brake lights) with Horn for your 2020 Can-Am Defender MAX. Get a turn signal and horn kit for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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