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“If your riding demands don’t require all-around cab protection, then a Can-Am Defender half windshield setup just might be the perfect balance for you. In the colder months, a full windshield is obviously optimal, but throughout the rest of the year, you can keep that fresh air circulating and still protect yourself from flying debris using a Can-Am Defender half windshield. In the dead of summer, even your HVAC system will find it hard keeping up when you have a full windshield, which is the number one reason so many riders love these half windshields. Comfort isn’t the only benefit of a half windshield, however – just ask mudders. With a half windshield on your next mud romp, you’ll be able to cut down on the spray while still maintaining the ability to see over the top of your muddy windshield. Win-win! As with our other windshield categories, you can find Can-Am Defender half windshields in glass or polycarbonate offered by brands like SuperATV, Bad Dawg, UTV Inc, and more. If you’re running a rear windshield and a full front windshield, you may cause a strong pressure differential that sucks in dust even harder from wherever you aren’t covered, but with a glass or polycarbonate half windshield, you can still get that protection without the constant barrage of choking dust and debris. Some riders just don’t get it, and that’s totally alright. If you want the best of both worlds – freedom and protection – then come check out our Can-Am Defender half windshields today. “

  • Can-Am Defender UTV Flare Windshield by Klock Works

    Can-Am Defender UTV Flare Windshield by Klock Works


    Finally, a windshield that works as hard as you do! Get all the debris and wind protection while maintaining visibility with the UTV Flare™ Windshield for your Can-Am Defender. This windshield is the perfect height, which means it’s tall enough to block...

  • Can-Am Defender HC Short Windshield By Spike Power Sports

    Can-Am Defender HC Short Windshield By Spike Power Sports


    Can-Am Defender HC Short Windshield By Spike Power Sports Features: Made with 1/4" Premium hard coated mateial Windshield is cut with a superior CNC 5-axis router- all edges are super-smooth! Approximately 13 1/2" tall measured at the...

  • Can-Am Defender Half Windshield (Hard Coated) by Kolpin

    Can-Am Defender Half Windshield (Hard Coated) by Kolpin


    Can-Am Defender Half Fixed Windshield HC by Kolpin Windshield Features:- Lip on upper shield deflects air over operator and passenger Easy to install to your Can-Am® Defender - No drilling required Extremely durable - injection molded...

  • Can-Am Defender Half Windshield by SuperATV

    Can-Am Defender Half Windshield by SuperATV


    Can-Am Defender Half Windshield by SuperATV Help protect you and your passenger from sticks and other flying debris while blazing the trail with a SuperATV windshield - the best off-road windshield on the market. With many protection and tint...

And what about small parts, should you bring some of those along as well? Short answer, yes. A belt is good to have on the machine at all times, and having an axle in the bike or at the very least the truck is also good. It’s hard to know exactly where to draw the line with what to bring, but you definitely need to have room for a cooler full of beverages no matter what. And don’t forget to bring a clutch tool for changing the belt, electrical tape, crescent wrenches, and hose clamps.

Regarding at-home Can-am Defender tools, a grease gun is a must for greasing up wheel bearings. If you’re doing any work on the clutch, be it either the primary or secondary, you’re going to need a special CVT clutch tool if you want to do it right. This tool loosens the belt up by spreading the secondary sheaves, making it so that when you put it all back together, you can do so much easier and, more importantly, correctly. Your Can-Am Defender clutch isn’t something you want to cut corners on, especially since it is your main source to make a machine move. Of course there are ways around using specialized UTV tools, but for what they cost we would without a doubt just recommend buying the right tools to get the job done right the first time.

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