The old proverb “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” proves particularly true with farmers. The rugged individualism, self reliance, and work ethic of farmers and ranchers is second to none. But that doesn’t necessarily translate to UTV farming accessories. After all, if you’re tractor has a fully integrated, Bluetooth streaming sound system, why doesn’t your side-by-side? And any performance gains you achieve from aftermarket accessories can serve a dual purpose, both on the farm and on the trail. A little advice from us here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, unless your using your Can-am Maverick to farm high cotton, we wouldn’t suggest lifting your farm rig. Farmers are typically getting in and out of their vehicles constantly, and the additional height of a lift is a real pain. Also be aware that some states do sales tax exemptions on UTVs for farmers, and there is a farming/agriculture discount on every utility machine used for commercial purposes. It gets you an additional discount and 2 year warranty no charge. All you need is proof of a business, tax ID, and a check with the business’ name on it or anything that proves you are linked to a business. So get those discounts and get the Can-am Maverick farming implements to help you do what you do better!

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